Jaz Beach

Area: 22500 m2

While it is a popular beach for sunbathing and camping, and is one of the longer beaches in Montenegro, it has gained international prominence as a host of numerous concerts and happenings in recent years. The vast hinterlands of the Jaz beach are considered among the greatest potentials for tourism development on the Montenegrin coast, as there are few undeveloped areas left on the coast besides Jaz.

PHONE: +382 33 683 503

Mogren Beach

Area: 4500 m2

Their natural environment place Mogren into the category of most attractive beaches, with sand of medium particle size, both on the beach itself and in water. The beach is well exposed to sun and southerly wind. From the back, it is protected by the hill of Spas covered in dense pine and oak woods. It is not more than 150 m away from Budva's old town. Mogren consists of two sandy beaches of total length of 350 m , connected with a tunnel in the rock.

PHONE: +382 33 683 503