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About Budva

Budva is considered a jar of the oldest settlement on the Adriatic. According to the legend, the founder of Budva was Kadmo, the son of Phoenician king Agenon, ruler Thebes, the husband of Ares and the Aphrodite daughter of Harmony. At the age of the age of the spouses were forced to leave the city. On the wagon (from the first name) - they came to the slaughter of the Illyrians and conquered the ego. It is believed that Kadm's and Garmonien's Grob Nalaci in the vicinity of Épidamna, today's Drac.

Ancient Budva dates from the 4th century. pr. Kr. and is one of the oldest cities on the eastern Adriatic coast. The Old Roman settlement in the town of Budva (opidum civium Romanorum) is the core of the spread of Christianity into the Budva hinterland among the Romansized Illyrians and the upcoming Slavs. In the 6th century, there is a well-established church structure with the bishop at the head. From that time the basilica dates back. It is reliably known that in Budva in 743 it was the seat of the diocese. In 840, the Church of St. Mary and Punta, the oldest dated church in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the eastern Adriatic coast. 

Budva's beaches are of the highest quality in terms of sand quality. They are located on a 38 km stretch of coastline with many sandy bays, shelters, capes and smaller islands. Everything in its way shows irresistible charm and beauty, and it seems that the longest vacation is too short to get to enjoy each one.

Budva grew into a unique tourist pearl of this part of the Adriatic. As a tourist destination, this city has been known for a long time - the first tourists arrived here in 1923, and today Budva is often referred to as the "metropolis of tourism" because it is the most visited destination in Montenegro and one of the most visited in the Adriatic. What attracts people and brings them to Budva is primarily something that nature has donated to this region, and it has given it the unique beauty of the sun, the sea and the low pearl beaches at the foot of the mountain mountains.The panoramic views of the Budva Riviera are faded by picturesque, natural beauties to scatter the towns that give this part of the coast an unbeatable charm. SV Stefan, Petrovac and Milocer are among the highest.



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